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Coral builds beautifully from the depths of the ocean, with many origins plus the freedom to branch out in all directions.


At Coral GIYA, our principals stem from varied starting points but share a common mission: delivering administrative and financial services in healthcare … but doing it differently.


That means nourishing our business with ingenuity.


Listening with an open mind.


Adapting nimbly.


And serving with compassion.


​To bring health and peace of mind to members and providers.

Trust. Respect. Integrity.

Trust. Coral GIYA instills confidence in the honest and ethical manner in which everyone we come in contact with is treated. As such, the reliability of the information we provide is true and in an easy-to-read, authentic tone that reinforces trust to everyone we serve.

Respect. Our team at Coral GIYA is trained in regard for the feeling, wishes, rights or traditions for everyone we serve.

Integrity. The Coral GIYA team is honest, consistent and uncompromising in the adherence to our strong moral and ethical business principles and values. This is reflected inside and outside of the company in everything we do and say. 


Authorization Management 

Credentialing & Contracting

Revenue Cycle Management 

Doctor and Patient

The Foundation to 

Your Practice’s Success.

“They always treat me with great when I call with questions because they really do care about what they do, and who it affects long-term.”

- Isabella

“Everyone who works here is nice, and respectful. Caring, smiling and laughing is a good atmosphere of people who I work with. 

- Mateo

"This was the best team of professionals I have been around in a long time."

- Susan

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