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Decrease Administrative Time and Increase Patient Care Time

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

So you want to be a physician-entrepreneur? Studies have found that running and managing a practice is more time-consuming than most doctors believe it to be. A Medscape report found that 59% of doctors who go into practice for themselves report that administrative tasks are their lead cause of burnout. Wat they find is that a private practice requires a lot from the business management side of the practice. Unfortunately for your patients, it may take up more time than the reason many doctors went into practice, and that is, to see patients

Fostering a deeper connection with patients is what Coral GIYA allows physicians and healthcare professionals who have a private practice to do. In today's market, where it has become increasingly difficult to see patients in person, it is is even more imperative that doctors are more available to see patients whenever is convenient for them to continue to foster a trusting relationship. Administrative work need not be a factor when it comes to patient care. With a revenue cycle management company like Coral GIYA, a doctor's practice can all but run itself so patients remain the priority.

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